Types of Birth Control Pills

Contraception is an actual question which is considered to be controversial for a lot of people worldwide. There are various types of contraception such as:

  • condoms;
  • birth control pills;
  • birth control patch;
  • diaphragm.

But here we are going to inform you about types birth control pills. Birth control pills is characterized as the oral contraceptives which are taken by women only to prevent the pregnancy. There are cases when women are not ready to become mothers that’s why they prefer to protect yourself from unwanted ramifications.

As you can guess there are various types of birth control pills but we are going to describe the main advantages of such preparations as:

  • Yasmin;
  • Mircette;
  • Ortho Tri-Cyclen.

These preparations are the most popular, effective and are sold at attractive price. Let’s grapple with these remedies separately to determine what among them are the most suitable for you.



Yasmin is a modern pharmaceutical composition directed for pregnancy protection and normalization of menstrual cycle of women beginning with 18 to 40 years old. This preparation is recommended to be taken cyclical because from the very beginning of this preparation intake the changes are carried out in the uterine cervix. Contraceptive tablets Yasmin contain 2 active agents: ethinylestradiol and drospirenone which influence an ovum and slow down ovulation process. Tablets weighing 3 mg are covered with a white cover. One blister is enough for 3 weeks.

The medicine is used on 1 tablet strictly at one and the same time once a day. At a transmission or violation of preparation dose reception consequences negative for an organism are possible to be observed. On the expiration of 21 days it is necessary to take a 7-day break after which to repeat a standard dosage. During a break blood allocations – normal reaction of an organism begin. Contraception restores a regular menstrual cycle.


mircetteMircette is an oral contraception which is directed to prevent the sufficient ovulation to prevent the eggs emergence. The preparation Mircette contains the two main active constituents: ethinylestradiol and desogestrel. Mircette should be taken only after the prescription of your personal doctor because this preparation has a raw of counterindications which you’d better tell about to your doctor.

Mircette as well as other contraceptive preparations should be taken once a day at one and the same time. It is necessary to take 21 pills and after that a seven day break will proceed. This remedy is effectively used by women beginning from 18 till 35.

Ortho Tri-Cyclen

Ortho Tri-CyclenOrtho Tri-Cyclen is utilized by women to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. The main components of this preparation is ethinylestradiol and norgestimate. This remedy is actively utilized by women worldwide because it is universal and suitable for the majority of women.
You should take your first pill on the first day of your period or on the first Sunday after your period begins. When you first start using Ortho Tri-Cyclen You may feel demand to utilize other types of contraception during 14 days such as condoms. Follow your doctor’s instructions.
There are common cases when the intake of oral contraceptives are counterindicated. These are the following disorders observed at the women’s organism:

  • the allergy for the preparation constituents;
  • breast cancer;
  • diabetes;
  • renal and liver failure;
  • pregnancy;
  • ischemic heart disease;
  • high arterial blood pressure.

Before beginning intake of such a preparation Birth Control Pills Online recommends to consult the doctor to be sure this or that preparation is suitable for you exactly. Control your menstrual cycle and protect yourself from pregnancy (if you are not ready) due to birth control pills.